1. Fields of application of abrasive blasting technology

There are various fields of application in Abrasive Blasting Technology:

  • cleaning
  • roughening
  • hardening
  • surface finishing


Cleaning generally means to blast oxidized, coated or otherwise contaminated surfaces. It aims at uncovering the base material.


Blasting for the purpose of roughening is applied in order to achieve an enlargement of the surface. An enlargement of the surface leads to better sticking of adhesive and coating materials on the base material. In addition, roughening of the surface results in a higher friction coefficient with other surfaces (the surfaces are becoming more slip-resistant).


Blasting to harden surfaces is applied at highly stressed components at which an induction of plastic surface deformation generates internal stress. This internal compression stress shall improve the fatigue limit properties of the component.

Surface finishing

Here the workpiece is treated to reach a better visual feeling. Certain patterns are applied (glass areas, shower cabinets, etc.) and spurious reflecting spaces are tarnished. The used abrasive is decisive for reaching a respective result.