11.2.1 Bag filter plants

Bag filters are built in chambers whereas each chamber gets a multi bag. The multi bags hang in a rack element which can be changed easily and without any auxiliaries via an assembly door. The rack consists of a L-profile base with guide rods. Support frames are in the bags for the purpose of stabilization.

The filters are made of polyester needle felt. During a working day of 8 hours the filter bags have a durability of about 2 to 3 hours according to the amount of dust.
The filter is flown through from the outside to the inside. The dust that was filtered off forms the so-called filter cake on the outside of the filter bag. This cake causes an increase of the dedusting performance, but generates also a higher flow resistance so that cleaning becomes necessary at certain intervals. The condition of the bag can be assessed via visual control due to dedusting on the outside of the bag.

The bags cannot be used for permanent operation because dedusting of the bags is not possible by extraction of dust. Dedusting is performed with the help of a vibration engine that drives a vibration rod. The bags are guided in cogs which are mounted at the vibration rod. The cleaning interval varies according to the application. As a basic adjustment, cleaning is performed every 3 hours for about 30 seconds.

Bag filter

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