11.2.4 Comparison of the filter plants

Compared the other filter systems the compact construction is an advantage of the cartridge filter plant. The filter space of a filter cartridge is, for example, bigger by a factor of 7.5 compared to a filter hose of the same diameter. This spatial advantage is reduced by the lower filter area loading resulting form the star shape.

The filter area loading results from the ratio of crude gas volume flow to filter area. For example: At a volume flow of 5,000 m3/h and a filter are of 46 m2 (bag filter) or 70 m2 (cartridge filter) the following filter area loadings result in a comparably big filter chamber:

fsB = 108.7 m3/h m2 (bag filter)
fsC = 71.4 m3/h m2 (cartridge filter)

Compared to bag filters the continuous dedusting of the cartridge filters is a great advantage. The filter conditions can be maintained relatively constantly by regular dedusting during operation. When dedusting the filter bags, operation must, however, be interrupted during the cleaning process. Furthermore, the filter conditions will change by the formation of a respective filter cake in case of longer filtering without dedusting.

The pneumatic dedusting of the cartridges is more material-gentle than mechanical dedusting of the filter bags. Reinforcements can be attached in the area of the cogs to protect the filter bags against damages during dedusting.