2. Blasting technology

The oldest patent on surface treatment by using abrasives was developed by the chemist Chew Tilghmann from Philadelphia/USA in 1870.
It is possible to shade, tarnish, engrave, etc. iron, metal, glass, wood and many other materials with the help of a sandblaster.

At that time, the shot-blasting wheel was mentioned as well. In Germany, Hans Weber and Karl Grodol from Kronach in Bavaria applied for a patent on the shot-blasting wheel in 1930 which is still used nowadays.

The blasting technology has been used in industry for decades and we cannot image life today without it.

In principal, the blasting technologies differ from each other as regards type and acceleration of the blasting medium.

Airless blast cleaning

During the process of airless blast cleaning the abrasive is accelerated by shot-blasting wheels which are equipped with rocker shovels or respective devices.

Injection blasting

During the process of injection blasting the abrasive is conveyed or accelerated with the help of nozzles through fluid or gaseous carriers. The carrier medium can also lead to cleaning effects.