2.3.1 Laserstrahlreinigen

In order to make a distinction between the optical laser beams and the treatment method “laser blasting” this method is often called “laser cleaning”.

Cleaning of a surface is performed with the help of a focussed laser with high intensity. The top layer of the surface absorbs the high energy of the laser beam and this leads to vaporization of the top layer.

In general, pulsating lasers are used so that the removal of the top layer is also done in a pulsating manner.

As regards reflecting basic materials, the surface is not considerably heated during the treatment.

This method offers the following advantages: high degree of positioning and metering and precise edge acuity of the surface to be treated as well as a gentle and residue-free removal.

Compared to the conventional blasting method only the low performance per unit of surface, the high demand of devices and the high costs at industrial big projects of corrosion control bring some disadvantages.