7.2 Large blasting pots

Because of the demand for steadily increasing efficiency as regards abrasive blasting methods the time for filling a blasting pot has been included in cost accounting and profitability calculation. The prices per square meter that have to be obtained for blasting and derusting are nowadays considerably lower than in the past. That’s the main reason why a tendency towards the application of large blasting units can be ascertained. Also as regards these units certain sizes have proven to be reliable whereas the number of blasting units that can be connected to a plant is quite decisive for the size of such a unit.


The following sizes result according to the type of application:

Filling volume:
2,500 l
5,400 l
10,000 l
20,000 l
30,000 l

These pressure pots can be used at maximum operating pressures of 12 b or even 25 b. The application of large blasting pots has got the advantage that the abrasive can be filled in and stored completely independent of the weather conditions at the building site (filling is performed by silo wagons).

The number of blasting units to be connected with the pressure pot ranges between 2 and 8. These devices are often installed on running gears so that they can also be optimally used with shortest hose lengths at the place of application.

An interim solution that is considerably more efficient as an investment is the application of silos under which several blasting pots can be put. Each blasting pot will be provided with abrasive from the silo via free outlets which are closed by hand flap. There is no need to close the outlet during operation because of the naturally forming cone of mass.

If one-chamber blasting pots will be used below the silo then these ones will be exhausted via a hand lever from the nozzle with the help of a remote control, i.e. the blaster itself determines when its own blasting unit has to provide it with material.

Large blasting pot on running gear

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Large blasting pot

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