Blastig nozzles

Blasting equipment

Injector and Pressure Blaster

  • TÜV certificate (German technical approval) for highly variable load values
  • Option of pneumatic or electro-pneumatic remote controlled units
  • Particularly wear resistant portioning valves
  • with patent automatic fast-reacting shut-down function as safety mechanism according to german laws


  • Highly wear-resistant blasting hoses with the dimensions
    19 x 7 mm, 25 x 7 mm., 32 x 8 mm, 42 x 9 mm etc.
  • Nozzles according to the Laval principle with the optimal form to provide pressure for maximum exit velocity
  • Pipe interior flow and other specialised nozzles

Special Features

  • Surface pressure blasting unit
  • Units for continuous, automatic treatment of all surfaces
  • Dust-free treatment using recycling systems
  • Moist and wet blasting features

Protective Clothing

  • Blast protection masks
  • Operator helmets complete with leather or plastic cape
  • Gloves
  • Complete working suit of leather or avilastic