Blastig nozzles, Protective clothes and Metering valves

Blastig nozzles, Protective clothes and Metering valves

Blastig nozzles

The nozzles are marked by high stability and they are suitable for any kinds of abrasive. Material and size have to adapted to the respective abrasive or the respective case of application. The delivery program includes - among other things - short discharge nozzles in conventional design or long discharge nozzles in venturi design. The nozzles are made of tungsten carbide, silicon nitride or boron carbide. The shell is made of aluminium or shock resistant synthetic material. Respective nozzles are available for treating inner surfaces of pipes. Pipes having a higher diameter are treated with respective inside blasting devices.


The nozzles fitting for jet hoses and having an inner diameter of 13 - 42 mm have a very long lifetime and you can get them in different qualities depending on the abrasive.
It is possible to add water to the mixture consisting of abrasive and compressed air in the nozzle to bind dust.

Protective clothes and Safety helmets

Protective clothes

Made of highly breathable grey cotton cloth, all parts turned to the object to be blasted and being subject to wear are covered with split leather.

Safety helmets

Apart form the shown helmets made of synthetic material a helmet made of aluminium is also part of the delivery program like helmets for smaller blasting processes. The air supply is realised by a compressor via an activated carbon filter. Optionally, breathing air can be heated or cooled.

Metering valves DV-80 and ADV-80

Both metering valves are progressively adjustable from 0 - 100% and allow a cross-section as maximum as possible during the blasting process. Metering is simply implemented by a handwheel. In addition, the metering valve ADV-80 offers the possibility to switch off the abrasive via remote control from the blaster so that compressed air only comes out just at the nozzle.