Coating plants

Coating halls

When coating the surface during the spraying process paint mist and solvent vapour arise which are dangerous to health and mostly explosive. This air is captured in a room having an explosive-protected lighting.

Suction walls or floor channels with single-way filter mats retaining the paint particles and leading the air into the open air are used for capturing. Of course, the ventilators being necessary for this process have been designed in an explosive-proof manner according to the local conditions. Upon request, additional air will be filtered in the hall once again.


In order to shorten the drying time the room can also be heated. For this purpose, we deliver combinded ventilating devices with integrated heating.
Electric energy, gas, oil, warm water or vapour can be used as heating media. The required temperature can be selected at time switch relay contacts.
Airless devices of different sizes adapted to the selected paints are used as spraying devices.