Filter plants - Details

Filter plants - Details

KIESS-filter plants guarantee trouble-free and safe application because of their clean technology and reliable standard elements, and "they call dust a day". Select from a broad variety of mechanically dedusted bag filters or cartridge filters cleaned by compressed air.

Decide yourself between stationary plants or mobile units on basic frames, with bogie or installed in a container.
The dust can be disposed in sacks, BigBags, in buckets or via refuse worms.

Of course, we also build a complete plant for you, you can have it made to measure. For example, stationary plants adapted to your needs and conveniences, or mobile plants with bogie for air performance of up to 40,000 m³/h.

Rely on the very steady construction as it is required on building sites - radial fans with high pressing and reserve capacities for changing tasks.
The residual dust content of the KIESS - filter plants is far below the legally required values, they enjoy a high reputation and are used in very different fields of industry. A suitable filter medium is available for each task to be fulfilled.

Our engineering team is specialised in turnkey planning of stationary filter plants including the necessary pipeline systems. The dedusting pipes are particularly resistant to wear.
In order to reduce your heating costs in winter the filtered air can be fed again into the blasting hall to a great extent.