Paint spraying plants

Paint spraying plants

Paint Spraying

WIWA airless Paint Sprayers satisfy the highest demands of industry and commerce. Their production is subject to regular quality control and they are being continuously improved.
They are immediately ready for operation, require little maintenance and have a long operational life. They are therefore the ideal tool for your paint-spray work.


  • Painting of large surfaces (e.g. ships)
  • Steel constructions and sheet metal buildings
  • Railway wagons
  • Paint workshops
  • Offshore platforms
  • Insulation
  • Fire protection

Paint spray suction units

KIESS suction units provide efficient removal of paint spray (overspray).
An optimal capacity is attained by using special filter mats of glass fibre throughout with steadily increasing density.
The required air flow is generated via a radial ventilator.
Its dimensions are in accordance with the type and quantity of the solvent as well as the proportion of solids, so that the legal parameters defined by law are well adhered to.