Stationary Sand Blasting Plants

Stationary Sand Blasting Plants

Stationary Sand Blasting are designed according to the following principles:

  • Co-operation with clients and potential clients to identify the problems to be solved.
  • Application of almost three decades of experience.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reduction of wage overheads through use of our world-wide patented high-power sand blasting equipment.
  • Application of processing and transport logistics in blasting and coating techniques.
  • Automation of processes through simple, trouble-free control.
  • Compliance to all regulations according to BGV and German federal emission protection laws.
  • Consideration for particular site conditions.
  • Minimising the wear and tear parameters.

Plant Components

KIESS pressure blasting plants have very little pressure loss. According to the surface problems to be solved, they are equipped with either the appropriate silo capacity or with an automatic refill system during operation.
Through work with our clients in the field of mobile corrosion protection, we have gathered a considerable amount of experience regarding accessories (special nozzle, highly resistant blasting hoses, protective clothing etc.).
We apply this know-how to the advantage of our clients in the conception of stationery plant.

KIESS recovery flow systems 

consist of an arrangement of specially developed, durable elements such as:
These are elements of the plant which, according to the unit construction system, are constantly being improved and are therefore comparable to any others, independent of performance and the problem to be solved.

Special Equipment

  • Lift, with swing platform if required
  • Robot power blasting operator, programmed or manually controlled
  • Wear resistant transport equipment
  • Lift platform on the longitudinal side
  • Mobile power blasting and coating cabin


For these auxiliary equipment units also special know-how is involved. Sand blasting plant for cleaning moulds or continuous casting tools are optimally integrated into the production process itself. In many areas, e.g. in ship work or the manufacture of wind generators, KIESS sand blasting technology is beyond competition.