Suction Units

Suction Units

Suction of granulate mixed with dust or water causes big problems. Normal vacuum cleaners are not suitable or their performance is insufficient.

KIESS vacuum extractors are designed for the transport of abrasive substances. This requires a continuously operating suction pump which is permanently shielded by a pre-set special filter and extractor system.
The pre-set extraction systems are automatically kept operating together with the jet system.
The suction plant is designed for use as a stationery unit or as a road vehicle. It can be operated by electric power or a diesel engine.

Many elements such as suction nozzle, extractor systems, suction hoses, couplings, automatic emptying equipment during suction, reprocessing, separating and recycling systems are all parts of the KIESS vacuum suction program and increase suction efficiency.


  • Blasting medium residues and recycling on ships
  • Mineral oil tanks, bridges, containers
  • Concrete renovation
  • Cement filling
  • Vacuum cleaning of sawdust, swarf, filings
  • Moving slick and slurry etc.

Operational Regions:

Dubai, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Black Sea, Siberia

Model Types