Suction units - Functional description

Functional description

A strong vacuum airflow is taken in by a Venturi nozzle. By using this strong air-supported flow you can transport anything that flows and rolls. Any powdered or granual material is sucked off cleanly, conveyed on and deposited extensively in a closed, vacuum-tight transport box or silo.

If the material to be sucked off is a recycable abrasive, then this material can be efficiently seperated from coarse materials and dust in a special KIESS vacuum abrasive cleaner attached to the silo; afterwards this material can be refed into the abrasive process. Coarse dust deposition takes place in a mechanical prefractionator. A reliable filter plant deposits the fine dust. The dust falls into the pulverised coal hopper, and it can be slumped after opening a hand stopper, or upon request it can be disposed via a dust refuse worm.
A cyclone vacuum tank being optimally installed between transport tank or silo and the suction plant ensures that the filter cartridges of the suction plant will be less stressed and that the pulverised coal hopper will be filled more slowly. This leads to lower wear of the filter material, as well as to a decisively longer suction period without interruption of dust emptying.

In one leap:

The efficiency of your KIESS - suction plant increases decisively. The preceding container systems to take in both the materials to be conveyed as well as the coarse dust are flexibly connected with each other as well as with the suction connection.

Adjustable compressed air dedusting keeps the filter cartridges of your suction plant regularly in an optimal operational condition. The filter unit is connected with the vacuum generator via a pipeline and a compensator.
Actuation is realised via electric motors or diesel motors. The connection to the rotary piston blower is realised by a belt drive. Both aggregates are mounted on a vibration insulated basic frame. A suction safety valve and a contacting thermometer are installed in the clean gas pipeline. If the admissable maximum depression is exceeded the suction safety valve opens and thus cold air can stream in to cool the vacuum generator. This equipment avoids overstressing of the vacuum generator.

The contacting thermometer ensures additional safety from overheating. It switches off the plant if the admissable working temperature will be exceeded.  

You can't just be too sure!

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the KIESS - program of suction plants. Upon request, we would be pleased to arrange a system for you that goes well with your individual case of application.

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