10.10 Safety devices

Installation and commissioning of a stationary blasting hall are subject to numerous provisions, laws and ordinances.

In this regard, safety equipment should be considered according to purpose, size, place of installation, etc. of the blasting hall.

In the following you can find some of the safety regulations:

  • biased switch-off with electro-pneumatic remote control and emergency shut-down,
  • door switch and door limit switch finishing immediately the abrasive blasting process upon opening,
  • observation windows must exist,
  • abrasive blasting process can only be performed at filter plants put into operation (locking),
  • sufficient vacuum must be in the blasting cab,
  • an air exchange of 40 to 60 times per hour of the space volume of the blasting hall must be guaranteed by the size of the blasting hall,
  • after finishing the abrasive blasting work an air exchange (5 times) must take place before entering the blasting hall, i.e.
    waiting time of 8 minutes at an air exchange of 40 times
    waiting time of 5 minutes at an air exchange of 60 times
    The offset-time of the filter plants has to be scheduled accordingly.
  • sufficient lighting,
  • emergency lighting, in case of need,
  • possible marking of the blasting process, e.g. by signal lights above the entrance doors on the outside,
  • guaranteeing the filter plant operation also during cleaning work,
  • emergency stop button according to demand and requirements.

In addition, reference is made to chapter 12, laws and provisions.