12. Laws and provisions

When performing any blasting operation the following laws and provisions might apply as regards the application of machines and devices:

  • Laws, provisions
  • Federal provision concerning the protection against harmful effects on the environment through air pollution, noise vibration and similar factors (BimSchV) in considering the Technical Instructions Noise and Air
  • Pressure tank provision (e.g. for compressed-air containers, blasting pots)
  • Professional association provisions (BGV)
  • Professional association rules (BGR)
  • Professional association institute for safety at work
    Information and work sheets
  • Technical rules for hazardous substances (TRGS)
  • VDE-provisions
  • VDI-directives
  • DIN-standards
  • Provisions on work places (ArbStättV)
  • Work place directives (ASR)

Where do you get them?

  • professional associations
  • accident insurance companies
  • Beuth Verlag GmbH
  • Carl Heymanns Verlag KG
  • VDE-Verlag GmbH

These provisions and laws as well as further special regulations have to be kept by all means because compliance will also be supervised by Trade Supervisory Offices at building sights, and non-compliance could result in stopping of work.

Rules of Professional Associations (extracts)

BGR 189 Use of protective clothing

BGR 139 People – emergency signal facilities

BGR 117 Work in containers and narrow rooms

BGR 121 Work places with work place ventilation

BGR 104 Explosion protection – rules

BGR 121 Work places with work place inspections

BGR 132 Avoidance of ignition risks due to electrostatic charging

Rule of Professional Associations (extracts)

BGV D26 Abrasive blasting work (incl. instructions on performing work)

BGV A1 General instructions

BGV B3 Noise

BGV B1 Handling of hazardous sources

Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (extracts)

TRGS 519
Asbestos: demolition, cleaning up and maintenance work

TRGS 507
Surface treatment in rooms and containers

TGRS 555
Operational instruction and instructions according to GefStoffV (provision on hazardous substances)

TGRS 900
Limit values in the air at the working place, limit values air

TRGS 102
Technical standard concentrations for hazardous substances

DIN-Standards (extracts)

DIN EN 271, 143, 138, 139, 269, 270 respiratory protection mask of different style and function

DIN EN 388 Protective gloves

DIN EN 345 Safety shoes