6.1 Overall compressed-air system

An overall compressed-air system includes all components being necessary for the work with compressed air.

This system generally consists of one or several compressing plants, the unit for preparing the compressed air, storage of compressed air and one or several distribution systems.

When selecting an appropriate system numerous aspects have to be taken into account. Those might be for instance:

- need for compressed air
  (adding up of all consuming units, in addition
  reserves in case of wear and tear,
  leakage and future extensions)
- lengths of ducts, cross-section of pipes
- quality of compressed air
- costs (purchase price, costs for energy and maintenance)

The planning of the compressed-air system should be carried out as effective as possible. On the one hand, the amount of compressed air should not be too big just in order not to consume needlessly energy. On the other hand, the amount of compressed air has to be sufficiently enough to allow possible extensions.
If necessary, additional compressing plants have even to be installed to guarantee the provision of compressed air also in case of breakdowns.